"From the earliest times human beings and animals have coexisted in myths, legends and tales both as allies and enemies. Often different animals and a human mingle to create fantastic creatures. Sphinxes, dragons, trolls, sirens, cyclops, minotaurs, unicorns, creatures with and without horns - their list is countless. Man's connection with animals and nature is eternal yet at the same time a fragile one. This link is the edge on which we try to keep balance till now."
Roberts Diners

  "The anthropoid animals or animal-like human beings seem to have born in the darkest depths of our consciousness. Gazing at the unusual light some of them find doubles in the poetical space of myths while others do not have siblings at all, in the same way as they do not have name. The spectator (the author being the first among them) is given the chance to live Adam's part, to identify with his pre-logical thinking where the ability for distinguishing between good and evil has not been acquired yet, and give these mysterious creatures their own names thus imparting them with experience and wisdom of our souls' life."
Anita Vanaga.
   "Roberts Diners' worlds of images, which was available for viewing at his personal exhibit The Secret Life of Humanimal Beings, calls to mind totems and bestiaries of the past, combined truths of ancient civilizations and early Christianity regarding the hidden nature of living beings. In Roberts' art, alongside of meaning over the centuries, there are also beings that have been introduced to the daylight for the first time and are only beginning to acquire a meaning. In the creative process, the artist follows his intuition and his subconsciousness; he picks up the first impulse, a barely perceivable vibration, and his hands embody it in wax; a unique carnival of colour and form is conjured."
The Unknown Direction of the Unknown Stream Anita Vanaga, The art magazine "Māksla Plus" Nr2, 1998, Riga