The magazine "Jaunā Gaita" about Lilija Dinere and Roberts Diners

"Jaunā Gaita" is a Latvian quarterly devoted to literature, the arts, and the discussion of ideas. 
In the Spring 2018 issue:
"Our featured artists are Lilija Dinere and Roberts Diners. Much of their art is collaborative, as in the illustrations accompanying some verses of Old Icelandic song, newly translated by poet Uldis Bērziņš (pages 1-3). Many other examples of their art are displayed throughout this issue. Art editor Linda Treija writes: “The art of Lilija Dinere and her son  Roberts Diners arouses emotion in all who view it,  but especially so in those who are educated in cultural history – those who recognize the symbols and the references. Each work of art is rich with stories, ancient myths which connect us powerfully to our own time."

The cover design is based on Lilija Dinere’s graphic print "The Great Inhabitant" II

Roberts Diners "Armadillo". 2015. Bronze, shell, inlay - horn. 5 × 3,5 × 7,8 cm


Roberts Diners takes part in the exhibition “Hybrid Overflights”

The Latvian National Museum invite to attend the exhibition "HYBRID OVERFLIGHTS" (The Artist as Photographer. Mid 19th Century - 2010) at the ARSENALS Exhibition Hall in Riga. There you can see among others more then 40 wax sculptures and 18 photos by Roberts Diners. The exhibition is open from 14.07. till 18.09. 2011.


Roberts Diners at the opening of the exhibition "Hybrid Overflights" 2011. 14. 07.

Vax sculptures by Roberts Diners


Artists Lilija Dinere and Roberts Diners are participating in the book competition

Artists Lilija Dinere and Roberts Diners are participating in the Competition “Best Designed Book of a Year”

Book Arts Competition “Zelta ābele 2010″ nominated book list includes:
Dziesma par Rolandu
. Translated by Cecīlija Dinere.

Artists – Lilija Dinere, Roberts Diners,
printing house – Jelgavas tipogrāfija, publisher – “ALIS”